Display Frame


The overall approximate dimensions of the Frames are as follows:

(Max sizes) Inches Cms
Height 14.5 37cm
Width 8.5 21.5cm
Depth 3.5 9cm

The Design

You can see from the images below the heart shape designs we have incorporated in the top design and the feet, which compliments the various banners.

Once the banner has been fitted, the lower part of the heart design carefully holds and keeps the top part in place, so no further fixing is necessary to display the banner!

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Celebration Frames

We have designed these Frames specially for the Celebration Banners we have created, meaning every banner will sit perfectly on every Frame.

They are all in one piece, so no fixing, screwing or adhesives are required, meaning once you have finished sewing your banner you can display it almost immediately!

The Banners are easily attached by creating a hanging tube (instructions included in pattern)  and threading this through on the rear of the banner through the gap in the frame. Once on, you simply straighten up and tuck the top of the banner underneath the lower part of the heart shape of the frame.

Additional information

Dimensions 21.5 × 9 × 37 cm